Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Peer mediation distinction

Every Friday Isla , Alyssa and I did peer mediation we had a small problem it was that a little kid was running away from his friend and his friend didn't like it at all so he came to us we just called both of the boys over and asked what happened and then after they both heard both sides they said sorry because they both were being mean to others, they both thought on not being mean giving each other another chance and if it doesn't work out then the would play another game or play with different people.

Being a peer mediator helps kids solve there problems and makes kids not do the wrong thing and children know that their might be a peer mediator around so the won't go out of bounds.

By: Zainab 

Peer mediation distinction

Me and my friends were playing a game and some little kids asked us to help her since she couldn't find the peer mediators so we helped her.
Her problem was her friends ran away from her, we heard both of the sides, the friends that ran away and her we realized that it was just a misunderstanding they didn't run away they were playing tag and she was in but she wasn't paying attention so we asked them all to think of how to solve the problem one of the kids thought of explaining the rules again and double checking who is in.

Even though I wasn't a peer mediator that day kids still came to me with there problems.
So that means I was a role model to kids and kids still remember the peer mediators and go to any senior and trust them.

By: Zainab 

Being a role model to kakanou students distinction

I was being a role model to kakanau students by not going in the bushes and out of bound places and telling some children politely not to go to the out of bound places.
I was being a role model to kakanau students by being respectful to everyone and showing all of the care values. I was helping clean our school envoiroment by picking up rubbish and not littering and a few minutes later I saw around 5 kids picking up rubbish too.

I think you should always be a role model to all kakanau and kauri students so when they get a little older they would be a role model for the other students and that would make Oakland's school a role model to other schools.

Getting involved distinction

Everyday at school I'm some how getting  involved like today I did some shoots ,played on the playground and spent a little time with one of the small buddies I think it was last week I got involved by supporting kowhai in capture the flag  I even played but unfortunately kowhai got second but that isn't too bad Rata just bet us by one flag.

Yesterday I got involved by playing basketball and by doing sprints races with my friends I came second and third sometimes.

I think everyone should get involved because you won't be bored and you would stay fit.

iPods distinction

Everyday Abi,Lauren,Alicia and I do the iPods.
Being and iPod monitor means a heap of responsibility and means being a leader and helping the school out by doing one of their jobs and making our teachers morning a little easier.

Responsibility of iPods

 Remembering what class to get the iPods from.
 Remembering to do the iPods on time.
 Plugging and unplugging the iPods respectfully.

So these are a few responsibility of doing the iPods.

I really enjoy being an iPod monitor because it's fun and helps me be more concede that with teachers and children.

By: Zainab  

iPods distinction

Everyday me and the other iPod monitors do the iPods .

First we check what class is booked for today and what time it's booked till.
Second we have to write it on a post its note eg. Pod Rua room 23 whole day 10 iPods. Another example. Pod Toru room 21 9-11:30 11:30- 3:00 room 13 10 iPods.
Third we take the iPods out , there is 3 pods so how many is booked that's how many pods we unplugged out and we put them in their right containers.
Fourth we take them to the classes that books them in the mornings before 9:00 and around 2:45 we get the iPods from the class that books them.
Last we plug them back in and then we are done.

Peer mediation distinction

Every Friday Alyssa , Isla and I do peer mediation in other words helping kids calm down and solve problems we don't actually tell them exactly how to solve their problem we just hear what the problem is and then ask them to think about how to solve it.

Last Friday there was no problems so Alyssa , Isla and I were walking around the field and telling kids to not play in the out of bonds area that is behind the senior playground and the bushes.

I think having peer mediators helps our school and teachers a lot.
Being a peer mediator means being a role model to children around the school and being a great leader by helping children solve there problems.

Here are some peer mediators at our school.

By: Zainab 

Pals distinction

Every second Tuesday Samara and I do P.A.L that means physical ,activities ,leaders we have to set up a game for the kauri or kakanou students this week we did it for the kakanou first we set up a game of tag and then a mini game of Octopus at the same time and did rotations of each game I was responsible for octopus and Samara was for tag.

I think having P.A.L.S helps kids enjoy lunch time , and help little or older kids find friends.

Here's kids who are friends if you want friends then go and join a P.A.L.S game you would find many friends.


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Pals distinction

On Tuesday Samara and I did pals for pals we played capture the flag it was only for kauri.
Capture the flag was very challenging and intense for the bib team since they had one flag left 
and didn't want to lose but unfortunately the nonbib team won.

 I personally think for a kauri pals game capture the flag would be an amazing game to play because all kids get into it. I think any game would be just as good as capture the flag if everyone is playing fair.

Here's some other kids playing capture the flag!


Librarian distinction

Every second Wednesday Rebecca K and I are on desk in the library since this week wasn't our turn I decided to help other groups and fill in for people who forgot to come. I think being a librarian is a big responsibility you need to help people find nice books and always be kind. Being a librarian even means keeping the library clean by politely telling the kids who made a mess to tidy up after themselves , putting books away and getting books out for kids.

Here is some Oakland's students reading books!


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Librarian distinction

Today me and Rebecca K were on library we put 20 books back where they go , the library was half full. Me and Rebecca K returned 35 books it was not such a busy day in the library since it was a hot day everyone was outside in the sun or under the umbrella in the shade.It was quiet nice in the library especially since it wasn't hot or loud in the library.

I think being a librarian is a big responsibility and if you can be a good librarian that means your a good leader.Being a librarian is being a good role model to kids in all ages and handling most of the library.

By: Zainab

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Pals distinction

Every second Tuesday Samara and I do pals this Tuesday we did pals with the kauri children.
Samara and I took some alas tics out for all the kauri a lot of people came some people used the elastic for high jump,limbo and the normal elastic game Samara and I had a lot of fun watching them play and giving out posies.

Being a pal is so much fun you get to met people and have a lot of fun with them.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Know what a perimeter,area and volume of shapes and limits of them.

W.A.L.T- Know what a perimeter,area and volume of shapes and limits of them.

I think I am on extended abstract because I can tech others how to solve perimeter,
area and volume equations.

My next step is: To pass year 7 standard of measurement and start statistics.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Term 4 goals reflection

My goals:

  • Improve in my learning especially maths.
  • work with different people.
I have improved in my maths a lot,I am doing measurement.
I have been working with a range of people even some year 8's.
My next steps is to finish my maths standard and work with more people.
by: Zainab

Friday, 18 September 2015

koru games/kauri event distinction.

Over the last 3 days the year 7/8 have been doing sports.
we have to vs other schools I played football.

I really enjoyed playing football with my team and versing other schools because they all were really nice and supporting.

Thinking back to the beginning of the year I really improved in football because before I had no clue of how to play and now I can teach someone else to play and now I can tackle the ball off people easily.

Something I will remember is doing a penalty it looked really easy  but was really hard 3 people from our team got it in but unfortunately the other team won by one penalty shot extra.


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

peer mediation distinction

On Tuesday me and  Alyssa did peer mediation Isla our third members had her auditions so she couldn't come.

On Tuesday there was only one problem it was that someone got hurt while playing soccer and the reef said that there was no penalty kick but that person thought it was unfair so he came to us.Well the first thing was that me and Alyssa weren't to sure if the reef or the other person were right so we heard both sides and asked for ways to sort out the problem the people playing soccer with him said that there should be no penalty since they all decided on who's the  reef and the reef chooses.So they chose no penalty and the guy who got hurt said ok and they all carried on the game.

overall being a peer mediator helps everyone solve there problems and makes the peer mediators a better leader and roll model.

by Zainab

ipods monitor distinction

Everyday me, Abi , Lauren and Alicia do iPods.
How we do them is:

1.we check what class books them and what time they need the iPods till.
2.we write the classes on a post it note eg. pod rua room 6  9:00-11:00 room 21 11:00-3:00
3.we unplug all the iPods and put them in their own containers.
4.we take the iPods to the class that books them.
1.we get the iPods from the class that had them [the class that booked them at 11:00-3:00 or whole day they get it from the first class]

2.we plug the iPods back in the right place [pod Toru pod Rua or pod Wha] then let them charge over night.

by: Zainab

Thursday, 3 September 2015

my writing prove it -Ideas

WALT-Using one idea in each paragraph, make you paragraph detailed.

A sentence in my writing that I used this WALT in.

Did you know if someone believes in you and trusts you,you could do anything in the world.

My next steps:

  • Pass the year 7 standard


Thursday, 27 August 2015

My reading prove it- I can make links across texts by recognisingconnectives or adverbial clauses.

This is my reading prove it.  

Entry ticket:                                                                                         Exit ticket:
 I know these three things:                                                             I now know these three things:
I only knew what a connective is.                                                 I know what a adverbial clause is. 
I am at Unistructural. I know what links have been made.
I can identify connectives in texts.
I am at Extended abstract. 

ipods distinction

Every morning me , Alicia , Abi and Lauren do the iPods.
How we do the iPods everyday:

First we un plug all of the iPods and put them in the right boxes they all charge in these three boxes one is for pod toru , one for pod rua and on for pod wha that's how we know what pod each iPod is in.

Second we get post its notes and right eg. pod rua room 23 whole day 10 iPods or pod rua room 23 9:00 to 12:30 10 iPods.

we do one of them to all three pods how we know what one to do is we check the calendar and teachers would have booked the iPods .

Third we all separate and take a pod and give it to the class that has booked the iPods when there's 3 booked then normally me and Alicia go together and if there's 2 than Abi and Lauren go together.
I think there's only been one day when there was 1 pod  booked and when that happens the only me and Alicia do the iPods. At the end of the day we clollect all the iPods and plug them back in their correct boxes.

technology on the bus distinction

every Tuesday the year 7/8 have technology.
every time we are going to technology everyone is always yelling I can never hear the person beside me so we always sit there quiet.

these are my solutions:

  • everyone should only talk to the person beside them and only that person can hear them not others.
  • stay quiet and only talk in a whisper voice.

I have realised that if one person talks loud then its like a sign for others to talk loud and if most of us talk loud not just students even the bus drivers get frustrated and annoyed ,I don't think anyone would want a headache when they reach technology.

My speech

This is my speech on It's hard being a kid. Enjoy!!!

The teqniques I used:

  • Pausing after each sentence.
  • Eye contact.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pals distinction

On Thursday I filled in for Alicia for pals since she had something important on.
I did pals with Emma D it was quiet fun we arranged these games 

  • what's the time mr wolf.
  • Sneak up granny.
  • Tag.
  • Hula-hoops.

We checked on all games and keeped them all close to each other.
Being a pal is really fun and keeps kids enjoyed.

What's the time Mr Wolf :

For what's the time Mr Wolf there was around 11 kids playing.
As always the kids have fights to be the wolf so we had to make kids do the fair old way [paper scissors rock] that's how most of the little kids problems get solved.

I think what's the time Mr Wolf is a really good game to play with children.

Sneak up Granny:

For Sneak up Granny there was 8 people playing it seemed quiet fun and there was no fights to be the Granny.

I think Sneak up Granny is a good game to play with small girls.


For Tag there was around 15 people playing and I think Tag is a really easy game to arrange and most kids like it since you have to run a lot.

I think Tag is a really fun game to play and many kids enjoy it.


we got around 20 Hula-Hoops out and a minute didn't even go pass and all the Hula-Hoops were gone as everyone probably knows no kid can resist playing with Hula-Hoops.

I think bringing out Hula-Hoops for pals is an really good idea.

I personally think that all four of these games are really easy games to arrange and everyone likes these games.

By: Zainab

Monday, 24 August 2015

getting involved ditinction

I got involved today by playing netball with Polly, Honor, Ellie and Alicia.
it was very fun I got 3 goals in and my group won in my group was me and Ellie and the other group was Alicia and Honor and last Polly was the ref  , I even got involved by practising netball passes with Alicia.I was even getting involved by reading and helping in the library.

I am always getting involved by playing basketball, netball, reading in the library and doing my leadership roles like librarian, pals or peer mediation.

Getting involved doesn't mean to sit around talking or walking around the school it means
practising something or doing something you like.

helping around the school distinction

Today I was  helping around the school by helping in the library.
I helped in the library by stamping the Oakland school stamp in kakanou
journal books Shannon and Alicia helped too.we even helped by sorting out all the books we had to put books in the right place.I personally love helping in the library because it's a quiet place to be and because it's easy helping  in the library because I r love going there.

I personally think helping in the library is fun and easy because everything easy if you enjoy doing it . Everyone enjoys helping in different areas like some like helping on the field and some like helping on the courts.

I think if anyone would want to help in the library they would have to be responsible because you have to get books out for a lot of people and put all of the returned books in their right places.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

helping around the school distinction

Every second Tuesday I help Alicia do peer mediation since her group never turns up. Today for peer mediation me and Alicia got a problem it was my first time sorting a problem out  with Alicia . we didn't get to solve the problem we were nearly done but then the bell rang and we had to go ,so after the bell me and Alicia went to Miss Brennan's class and politely asked her to solve the problem it was that:

some children were saying mean things about others I'm not so sure what really happened because one person wasn't being honest.

to be an peer mediator you need to be a fair decision maker and not do favouritism with children cause you aren't solving the problem your actually making it worse.


Careers board

This is how I did my career board:

1.We had to  research about our career mine was a General Practitioner.
2.We had to write down a lot of facts about our career then we checked it with our teacher.
3.We had to publish it in our book.
4.We had to re check  it.
5.We had to write it on paper and then blue tack it on the board
6.We added our our last few things to make it look better.


Saturday, 1 August 2015

peer mediation excellence

Every Friday me, Alyssa and Isla do peer mediation.
For peer mediation we got no problems so that's good. We are always on the field for peer mediation. I think our usual problems are kids have misunderstandings and that's how the problems get bigger and bigger but the rest of the time on peer mediation we have no problems at all ,so that means most of our school has no problems.

Having peer mediators in our school is a really good idea and it worked out really good because now teachers on duty can have a break and the teachers won't have to many children's with problems I think having year 7 & 8 peer mediators is awesome.

Being a peer mediator helps us interact in others problems and we even get more confident with our peer mediators group and other kids.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

maths prove it for grid.

This is my maths prove it I have achived a medal in ixl.
WALT: Specify location using bearing or grid reference.
I think I am at extended abstract because I can teach others 
how to do the grid and I can help others to do this.

The answer for this is:where the green dot is.
how I got the answer was:
First I found the number 2 on the X line.
Second I looked for -4 on the Y line in the same box.
last I found where it goes so thats where the green dot is.
Thats how I got my answer.

My next steps is to do an algebra test.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

pals excellence


For pals on Tuesday I arranged a game myself because two members of my group were busy and I couldn't find the other two. I arranged the game elastic there were a lot of people who came it was very challenging for me to take responsibility of the game myself but I think it went fine. I set up more then one game they were:

  • The normal elastic game
  • 3 footed race
  • made up games.
I think doing pals games really effects our school by letting kids that have no friends play games with others and give them a better chance of finding friends I think people without friends should get to have fun as well as other people with friends.

by: Zainab Mann

Sunday, 26 July 2015

peer mediation excellence

Every Friday me, Alyssa and Isla do peer mediation on the field, we hardly ever get problems but that's actually really good because that means most of the school is problem free.
Being a peer mediator means a lot to me I feel like a teacher on duty who can help solve problems.
I think having peer mediators in our school helps a lot. that even mean there are not many teachers on duty and they can have a break, I even think having peer mediators means children can share there problems with them because there are a range of different type of people in our school some like sharing problems with teachers and some like sharing problems with seniors.

This is why I really like being a peer mediator.

librarian distinction

On Wednesday I  was on library with Rebecca , Riley and Jack P.
Me and Rebecca were on desk , we had a lot to do because heaps of
people got books out and returned a lot so we had a really busy day.

On Thursday I helped in the library since the librarian didn't come.
On Thursday it wasn't as busy as Wednesday but I had quiet fun
 scanning and stamping the books. On Thursday I didn't just help
 in the library I even helped Alicia's pals group so I had a really busy day.

By: Zainab

Thursday, 23 July 2015

3D shapes,what's a regular and irregular polygon

This is my maths prove it I did with Lauren it was for doing 3D shapes,what's a regular and irregular polygon , what shape is this? and faces, vertices and edges. I think I got up to extended abstract because I can tech others what these are and how to do them. On IXL I got 100% on all of these activities.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Term 3 goals reflection

My goal for this year:
  • Improve in my learning mainly maths
  • Work with different type of people
I am improving in my maths a lot because I  have achieved 2 or 3 maths goals.
I am working with a lot of new people this year,instead of only my friends. 
My next step is to pass my 3 d and  2 d shapes in my maths.

By Zainab 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Thursday, 2 July 2015

helping around the school excellence

this week and other weeks I helped out in the library because the librarians for that day forgot to come but the head librarian
helped out in the library so I just went to the small year 7 and 8 library and cleaned the shelves, I even set the books in alphabetical order and cleaned the library because it had things on the ground. Then I went back to the big library and helped Grace the head librarian to take care of the library for example: I helped her get peoples books out I did the stamping sometimes and the scanning sometimes I, even have to check all of the shelves in case the books are in the wrong places.

librarian distinction

In the library its usually quiet but on Wednesday it was quiet loud because it was full.
I personally think the library is the best place to go usually at lunchtime because:

-it's quiet
-you would never get bored
-there is always something to do
-there is a lot of books

I love the library because there is a lot of
books and because every time I go there I
always end up reading books so that's the
best part because I love reading books.
every odd Wednesday I am a librarian in the library this time I did the stamping and another job for Mrs Ward, it was to rub pencil off a book because a little kid drew in the book luckily it was in pencil if it was in pen it wouldn't come off.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Zainab's Weather

reading prove it


W.A.L.T: identify language features in contemporary texts.

I think i am at extended abstract because i can find colloquial language, analogy and metaphors  in any text.

Making inferences Term 1 goal

Today I will be showing you how to make inferences.
First of all you need to either use background info or text clues. 
I has to make inferences for we are done. I used text clues and background info. One of my inferences were: They get treated different. This is how to make a inference. 
By Zainab      

Friday, 26 June 2015

Diy art changes

Here are the changes we made: 
At My discovery today we did not like what we have we changed it. I think I am at extended abstract with or without the changes.Here are pictures 
My Art
Displaying IMG_0130.JPG

Alicia's art
unnamed (1).jpg

By Zainab 

Friday, 19 June 2015

I pods excellence

Everyday the I pods monitors unplug the I pods then write on a post it note
the pod number,class,time and how many I pods.

Then they have to go and give the I pods to the class who booked them and when it's pack up time
we have to go and get them.

Last we plug them in and let them charge over night for the next class to use.

This is how we have to do the I pods everyday it might sound a little hard or confusing but if you do it you will think it's very easy.

Librarian distinction

On Wednesday I was on for library me and Rebecca k were sorting out all the books and we had to clean the shelves because the books were in the wrong place.
Being a librarian is very fun and a big responsibility and being a librarian means being a leader to students in Oakland's School.

I really enjoy being a librarian especially because I get to work with arrange of different people and because I love going to the library because that's where all of the books are and I really enjoy reading books.

Oakland's School students in the library 

By : Zainab 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Peer mediation excellence

Today I did peer mediation with Alicia for second half of lunch.
I filled in for her group after a while Sarah and Taylor came to do peer mediation with us because Sarah is in Alicia's group the other two members didn't come.For peer mediation there was no problems all so that means around 95% of our school had no problems

I pod monitor excellence

Everyday me and the other iPod monitors do the I pods it's very fun.I think being an I pod monitor is a very responsible duty because if you forget to give and get the I pods on the right time you would probably not stay a I pod monitor for long, I think if anyone would like to be an I pod monitor they would have to be very responsible and always charge all the I pods After getting them so they are charged enough for the class who booked them to use.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tech on the bus excellence

When we were going to technology on the bus everyone were being very loud and screaming 
over each that made even worse I was sitting beside Alicia on the way there and Lauren and Alicia on the way back we didn't really talk to each other because we knew if we did the bus would get even louder so we sat quietly but when we got a little board then we started talking to each other but we could hardly hear what the other person was saying or what we were saying it was because everyone was very loud and because we were basically  whispering to each other.

If I had to give you advise on how to make the Bus 5% 
quieter is to stay quiet yourself and if your friends are talking
very loud then tell them to be a little bit more quiet and tell them
they can even talk at morning tea or lunch time.

Being a role model around the kakano team excellence

I was being a role model by picking up rubbish and when some kids saw 
me they copied me and started picking up rubbish that helped me be a good
role model and help keep the environment clean and tidy I even was a role model 
because I saw a child sitting down and doing nothing so I found a group of girls 
she could play with she seemed quiet happy and now or then when
I am doing peer mediation or pals I always see her playing with those girls

iPod excellence

Everyday me,Lauren,Alicia,Abbi and sometimes Hayley.
Being a iPod monitor is very fun one of the hardest bit of being an iPod monitor is 
if a class loses an iPod we have to go and find it and how we do that is go to the last 
class who had the iPods and ask them if they have it and then go to the class who gave it to them and check if they have it and it always ends up in a different class but I don't know how but I think being an iPod monitor is a big responsibility because if you crack the iPods when your running with them even though you aren't supposed to be running with them but if they do crack it will all be your fault so you have to be careful and safew with them. 

Monday, 8 June 2015

ipods excellences leadership.

everyday me, Lauren, Alicia, Abbi  and Hayley do the ipod in the morning and afternoon
it is very fun. How we do it is:

Alicia goes on her email and check how many pods are booked and what classes have
booked them. After she checks that me and Alicia do one pod and if Hayley is here she
does a pod her self and Lauren and Abbi would do the other one but if Hayley has something on
then Abbi and Lauren would do the pods separate.

Abbi and Lauren go together to a class to pick up the pods and me and Alicia go together
if Hayley is free and she goes to the other class, but if Hayley is doing some work or at an
quick important meeting for house captains then me and Alicia go to different classes when we get the ipods then we have to plug them into the right boxes or everything will get mixed up and we might start losing ipods. 

prove it video.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

iPod monitors excellence

Everyday me Lauren,Alicia and Abbie do the iPods.
What we do is we go on our emails and check what class 
books the iPods then we get a sticky note and write eg.pod toru 
room 23 whole day 10 iPods.

That's what we have to write but if a class books it from 9:00-
12:00 then we change it to this:

Pod toru room23 9:00-12:00
Room 13 12:00-3:00
10 iPods.

Librarian excellence

On Monday I helped in the library even though it wasn't my day ,I just love going to the library because it's filled with books and no one is there to disturb me when I am reading ,I like going to the library because I can help mrs ward with the books and other things and because there normally is a lot to do. I like helping people.i think the best place I learn in accept for my class is in the library because when I am In there I think of very good stories and feel like learning.

I think everyone likes or should like the library because there's a lot to learn there,it's warm and comfy and you would never feel bored.

Friday, 29 May 2015

my discovery

this is my finished product I think I reached extended absract because I can tech others how to do
different types of D.I.Y art.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Librarian excellence

On Monday I helped in the library even though it wasn't my day ,I just love going to the library because it's filled with books and no one is there to disturb me when I am reading ,I like going to the library because I can help mrs ward with the books and other things and because there normally is a lot to do. I like helping people.i think the best place I learn in accept for my class is in the library because when I am In there I think of very good stories and feel like learning.

I think everyone likes or should like the library because there's a lot to learn there,it's warm and comfy and you would never feel bored.

Pals excellence

On Tuesday me and Sharna played rob the nest with the kakanou students for pals it was very fun we didn't get to do the pal game for the whole lunch because a boy came and started smacking kids who were playing I don't know why sows had to stop the game and call a duty teacher who made him stop fighting,me and Sharna made all the kids go and some kids had to go to the sickbay.

Well I think that the first half of lunches game went quiet well i am looking forward for the other games.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

One of my careers paragraph.

This is my high school subjects paragraphs:

On the count of this to be a General partitioner I should consider doing 
biology,chemistry,physics and health because it will be easier for me to get the job, because I would know quiet a lot about things,biology is really important because if someone gets injured I would have yo help them,so I have to know how to do that.

I have linked my paragraphs and I have  stayed on one idea, I didn't keep on changing my ideas.i have used real facts not not fake made up facts and I didn't write my opinion on all the paragraphs.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Reading skim and scan prove it.

This is the work sheet I am learning on.
Sorry this picture is the wrong way. If you look closely You can see I skimmed and scanned  

i think i am getting better in skimming and scanning


Reflecting on my 3 goals.

I have improved in my learning by practising all my maths everyday and I never gave up when I
kept on making mistakes.
I think I have improved a little bit on,working with different people,I have done that by sitting in different types of spots and different type of people are there I normally work in the collaboration hub and that means that I would most of the time be working with my friends because they are normally in the collaboration hub.

Friday, 22 May 2015

My discovery

This is is our board so far i think i am at relational because:
I can do different types of D.I.Y art but i can't tech others how to 
do it.the first art is Alicia's and the second is mine.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

librarian excellence

Today I was a librarian all my group members arrived.
I helped Mrs Ward in the library by sorting out all the classroom papers Rebecca K
helped me a little bit too.

I like being a librarian because its the most quiet place in the school at lunch time, 
and because Mrs Ward is always there, I really like working with Mrs Ward in the
library because she is a really nice teacher and is the most kindest librarian I have
 ever seen and heard about.

Being a librarian isn't just about getting people books out or returning them
its actually about taking responsibilities of the library and helping  Mrs Ward. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

my discovery

we are doing four differnt designs we are going really well and Are at multistructrul ,We have done one so far and are waiting for our other two to dry.Alicia's blog has our unistuctrul.our next steps are adding our other designs to make it look more real.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Getting involved excellence

This week I got involved in a pals game by helping some pals get
the things they need for a game everybody
who came to play a pals game all voted for dodge ball
everybody had fun playing dodge ball even me

If I would give somebody advise for a kauri pals game
i would definitely play dodge ball because
everybody loves dodge ball and heaps of people come to play dodge ball.

Ipod monitor excellence

Everyday me ,Lauren , Alicia and Abby do the iPods.
In the morning Alicia checks her email and tells me ,Abby and Lauren 
what class books the iPods and then we give the iPods to them in the morning and take it back at the end of the day so we can charge it over night for the next class

To be a iPod monitor you have to be responsible for most of the iPods eg.
If there's an iPods missing iPod last- you need to go to the class who used the
Being a iPod monitor is amazing and fun.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Leadership on the bus. excellence

Me and Alicia showed leadership on the bus by staying quiet and if we wanted to talk to each other we talked quietly we even sat three people on two seats because nobody else really wanted to sit with three people we kind of had to sit in a three because the bus was filled up with people it was very squashy this is how I showed leadership on the bus.

if I had to give anyone advise on how to get the bus to be a little bit more quiet is to be
quiet yourself.

Peer mediation excellence

On Tuesday lunch time I did peer mediation with Makayla  my other peer mediation group member didn't come so Alicia did peer mediation with us ,we didn't get any problems so it was fantastic, unfortunately that day when it was Alicia's groups time to do peer mediation nobody came so I
helped her so basicly  me and Alicia did peer mediation that whole lunch time and there was no problems at all we were happy and kind of tired.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Cats poem

Hyperbole green
personification blue
Simile pink

I've told you a million times that cats have the most cutest fluffy soft fur in the whole entire world.
They even have the most sparking eyes espeacially when they walk in the dark their eyes flash like a torch at you.
Their tails shake at you like a snake.
Their just so cute I told you,you'll never get rid of them. 
Of course they are the best in the world.....
By Zainab

Monday, 4 May 2015

My discovery part 1

This is the borad we are painting on. We are at unistructual my next steps is to finish at least
two or one squares.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Helping around the school excellence

This week  in the library I filled in for another group because they didn't come I even helped Mrs Ward with the books it was a busy day in the library it was filled with people and work.
It was great in the library it wasn't to noisy and it was quiet and warm as always I really enjoy working in the library
because it is filled with books so you never get bored and when it is a busy day there is always a lot to do that is what I really like because I really enjoy working.

Pals excellence

Last week I helped Alicia do pals because her group didn't come.
For pals we did races all the kids enjoyed it especially Laila she is crazy about running.

Pals is the best activities to do because I get to spend time with little kids 
and not just that even because heaps of kids make friends in the activities.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Peer mediation excellence

On Tuesday me Makayla, Alicia and Samantha D did peer mediation.
For peer mediation we solved one probalem that was:

A kid was throwing rocks at another child.

We solved it out by:

First hearing each side of the probalem
Second we asked Mr Forman to help us solve the probalem because we aren't aloud to solve probalems like this one.

Mr Forman just made both kids apologies to each other.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

my leadership goal for this term.

My leadership goal for this term is:

getting my merit badge
being a great rolemodel around the school
turning up for peer mediation,pals,librarian and choir.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pals excellence

Some days ago this week I did pals.
 I played line tag with some children it seemed quite fun
all of the children were very into it even the children who don't really like 
running or sports but it was kind of hard to settle the game myself
because my group forgot to come and my friends had peer mediation or something else on but I still think it was a great experience with little children.

                                  Pals is the best!!!!!

Pals excellence

Today me, Lauren, Alicia did pals with little kakanau children
me and Alicia were managing  the game what's the time Mr wolf and octopus 
while Lauren was playing duck duck goose with the other half of the
children. It was very fun and a great experience with little children

I personally think being a pal is very fun and is probably one of
the best leadership activity to do.
Now I think I am confident and ready to be an amazing pal.

self asses on matrix art.

I think i got relational because i did my backround nearly the same as Vincent Van Gogh.
I think i used an variety of different elements but i didn't do them very well on my face.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Peer mediation excellence

On Tuesday I helped my friend Alicia do peer mediation because her group didn't
turn up. That day me and Alicia didn't get any problems,so that was good
and one of the best peer mediation day I have had because 98% of people didn't
have a problem.

Peer mediation. excellence

On Tuesday this week I had peer mediation with Makayla and Sophie.
There was only one little problem, that was:

Some little kids had misheard what her friend said and thought she was talking about her behind her back when actually she was just telling another girl,who her friends were and who was playing tag with her.

.we solved it by asking everyone who was in the problem what they know
and then asked everyone to think of a solution and they came up with before telling
a teacher or peer mediator what happened first talk together and try solving out the problem and if you can't solve it then come to a peer mediator or teacher.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Reflect on my goals

Improve in my learning (maths)

I think I am doing well with my learning
and I am getting better.

I think i am working with other people very well.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Ordering numbers and place values

This is my prove it.

I think I know my place values and ordering decimal numbers very well.

Thursday, 19 March 2015


on Monday this week I helped kids find friends and they played tag it looked very fun but totally different to normal tag but at least they had fun.
I had great fun watching them play tag

Every now and then when i see them they are

always playing together.

Peer mediation.

this week on monday I wasn't on peer mediation but a little girl asked me to help her find her friends
So I did  she was very happy and I felt very good about helping someone find her friends.

                                  This is how happy she looked that day.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Peer mediation

For peer mediation Alicia, Lauren and I solved a very small problem. The problem was that some kids didn't want to play together for the whole lunchtime, so what we told them to do was to play together for the first half of  lunchtime on the courts. Then they decided to play on the playground by themselves for the second half of lunchtime.
I felt very happy when I saw them playing together which is why I like being a peer mediator. Also if you are a peer mediator you would get to know and meet a range of age groups and make friends with some of them.

my writing goal

walt:To focus on my main ideas in my work.

For example.
"August go get the mail"mum said.

'fine' I say mumbling.I walk to the mailbox get the stinky
russelt mail out of the old mailbox and ran back inside

"What happened" Via ran down stairs and asked 
in a creepy voice.

'Everyone is laughing and starring at me.'

What! mum yells feeling like she can hold an new fashioned car.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Being a role model

Today I was a role model to kakano students because when I saw a little girl alone I
helped her find friends the little kids were really happy I even picked up rubbish with some little kids
The looked very happy.

                                     IT WAS A REALLY GOOD DAY TODAY

Kauri and kakano events.

On Monday 23th of Febuary our whole school had multicultrul day.
It was to celebrate all of the cultures in our school.I wore a pink,blue and yellow
Pakistani dress.It was amazing to see other pretty cultural clothes.In our class we had a chance to ask anyone a question about their clothes or culture.

                                                MULTICULTRAL DAY
                                                     WAS  AMAZING

Friday, 20 February 2015

Peer meadiation

This week on Tuesday I did peer meadiation it was awesome helping kids finding nice friends for kids

Getting involved

Me and my friend Alicia got involved by being active
eg.running around the field ones,running around the senior playground twice
and doing netball,basketball passes.
It was really fun and tiering.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Helping around the school

Me and my friend Alicia picked up rubbish around the whole school to make our school a cleaner
enviorment and to be a better roll model for the little kids.

peer mediation /leadership

Me, Makayla and Sophie did peer mediation around the field and helped some kids solve out their
problem it was really fun and it was a nice experience.