Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Being a role model

Today I was a role model to kakano students because when I saw a little girl alone I
helped her find friends the little kids were really happy I even picked up rubbish with some little kids
The looked very happy.

                                     IT WAS A REALLY GOOD DAY TODAY

Kauri and kakano events.

On Monday 23th of Febuary our whole school had multicultrul day.
It was to celebrate all of the cultures in our school.I wore a pink,blue and yellow
Pakistani dress.It was amazing to see other pretty cultural clothes.In our class we had a chance to ask anyone a question about their clothes or culture.

                                                MULTICULTRAL DAY
                                                     WAS  AMAZING

Friday, 20 February 2015

Peer meadiation

This week on Tuesday I did peer meadiation it was awesome helping kids finding nice friends for kids

Getting involved

Me and my friend Alicia got involved by being active
eg.running around the field ones,running around the senior playground twice
and doing netball,basketball passes.
It was really fun and tiering.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Helping around the school

Me and my friend Alicia picked up rubbish around the whole school to make our school a cleaner
enviorment and to be a better roll model for the little kids.

peer mediation /leadership

Me, Makayla and Sophie did peer mediation around the field and helped some kids solve out their
problem it was really fun and it was a nice experience.