Thursday, 27 August 2015

My reading prove it- I can make links across texts by recognisingconnectives or adverbial clauses.

This is my reading prove it.  

Entry ticket:                                                                                         Exit ticket:
 I know these three things:                                                             I now know these three things:
I only knew what a connective is.                                                 I know what a adverbial clause is. 
I am at Unistructural. I know what links have been made.
I can identify connectives in texts.
I am at Extended abstract. 

ipods distinction

Every morning me , Alicia , Abi and Lauren do the iPods.
How we do the iPods everyday:

First we un plug all of the iPods and put them in the right boxes they all charge in these three boxes one is for pod toru , one for pod rua and on for pod wha that's how we know what pod each iPod is in.

Second we get post its notes and right eg. pod rua room 23 whole day 10 iPods or pod rua room 23 9:00 to 12:30 10 iPods.

we do one of them to all three pods how we know what one to do is we check the calendar and teachers would have booked the iPods .

Third we all separate and take a pod and give it to the class that has booked the iPods when there's 3 booked then normally me and Alicia go together and if there's 2 than Abi and Lauren go together.
I think there's only been one day when there was 1 pod  booked and when that happens the only me and Alicia do the iPods. At the end of the day we clollect all the iPods and plug them back in their correct boxes.

technology on the bus distinction

every Tuesday the year 7/8 have technology.
every time we are going to technology everyone is always yelling I can never hear the person beside me so we always sit there quiet.

these are my solutions:

  • everyone should only talk to the person beside them and only that person can hear them not others.
  • stay quiet and only talk in a whisper voice.

I have realised that if one person talks loud then its like a sign for others to talk loud and if most of us talk loud not just students even the bus drivers get frustrated and annoyed ,I don't think anyone would want a headache when they reach technology.

My speech

This is my speech on It's hard being a kid. Enjoy!!!

The teqniques I used:

  • Pausing after each sentence.
  • Eye contact.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pals distinction

On Thursday I filled in for Alicia for pals since she had something important on.
I did pals with Emma D it was quiet fun we arranged these games 

  • what's the time mr wolf.
  • Sneak up granny.
  • Tag.
  • Hula-hoops.

We checked on all games and keeped them all close to each other.
Being a pal is really fun and keeps kids enjoyed.

What's the time Mr Wolf :

For what's the time Mr Wolf there was around 11 kids playing.
As always the kids have fights to be the wolf so we had to make kids do the fair old way [paper scissors rock] that's how most of the little kids problems get solved.

I think what's the time Mr Wolf is a really good game to play with children.

Sneak up Granny:

For Sneak up Granny there was 8 people playing it seemed quiet fun and there was no fights to be the Granny.

I think Sneak up Granny is a good game to play with small girls.


For Tag there was around 15 people playing and I think Tag is a really easy game to arrange and most kids like it since you have to run a lot.

I think Tag is a really fun game to play and many kids enjoy it.


we got around 20 Hula-Hoops out and a minute didn't even go pass and all the Hula-Hoops were gone as everyone probably knows no kid can resist playing with Hula-Hoops.

I think bringing out Hula-Hoops for pals is an really good idea.

I personally think that all four of these games are really easy games to arrange and everyone likes these games.

By: Zainab

Monday, 24 August 2015

getting involved ditinction

I got involved today by playing netball with Polly, Honor, Ellie and Alicia.
it was very fun I got 3 goals in and my group won in my group was me and Ellie and the other group was Alicia and Honor and last Polly was the ref  , I even got involved by practising netball passes with Alicia.I was even getting involved by reading and helping in the library.

I am always getting involved by playing basketball, netball, reading in the library and doing my leadership roles like librarian, pals or peer mediation.

Getting involved doesn't mean to sit around talking or walking around the school it means
practising something or doing something you like.

helping around the school distinction

Today I was  helping around the school by helping in the library.
I helped in the library by stamping the Oakland school stamp in kakanou
journal books Shannon and Alicia helped too.we even helped by sorting out all the books we had to put books in the right place.I personally love helping in the library because it's a quiet place to be and because it's easy helping  in the library because I r love going there.

I personally think helping in the library is fun and easy because everything easy if you enjoy doing it . Everyone enjoys helping in different areas like some like helping on the field and some like helping on the courts.

I think if anyone would want to help in the library they would have to be responsible because you have to get books out for a lot of people and put all of the returned books in their right places.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

helping around the school distinction

Every second Tuesday I help Alicia do peer mediation since her group never turns up. Today for peer mediation me and Alicia got a problem it was my first time sorting a problem out  with Alicia . we didn't get to solve the problem we were nearly done but then the bell rang and we had to go ,so after the bell me and Alicia went to Miss Brennan's class and politely asked her to solve the problem it was that:

some children were saying mean things about others I'm not so sure what really happened because one person wasn't being honest.

to be an peer mediator you need to be a fair decision maker and not do favouritism with children cause you aren't solving the problem your actually making it worse.


Careers board

This is how I did my career board:

1.We had to  research about our career mine was a General Practitioner.
2.We had to write down a lot of facts about our career then we checked it with our teacher.
3.We had to publish it in our book.
4.We had to re check  it.
5.We had to write it on paper and then blue tack it on the board
6.We added our our last few things to make it look better.


Saturday, 1 August 2015

peer mediation excellence

Every Friday me, Alyssa and Isla do peer mediation.
For peer mediation we got no problems so that's good. We are always on the field for peer mediation. I think our usual problems are kids have misunderstandings and that's how the problems get bigger and bigger but the rest of the time on peer mediation we have no problems at all ,so that means most of our school has no problems.

Having peer mediators in our school is a really good idea and it worked out really good because now teachers on duty can have a break and the teachers won't have to many children's with problems I think having year 7 & 8 peer mediators is awesome.

Being a peer mediator helps us interact in others problems and we even get more confident with our peer mediators group and other kids.