Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pals distinction

On Thursday I filled in for Alicia for pals since she had something important on.
I did pals with Emma D it was quiet fun we arranged these games 

  • what's the time mr wolf.
  • Sneak up granny.
  • Tag.
  • Hula-hoops.

We checked on all games and keeped them all close to each other.
Being a pal is really fun and keeps kids enjoyed.

What's the time Mr Wolf :

For what's the time Mr Wolf there was around 11 kids playing.
As always the kids have fights to be the wolf so we had to make kids do the fair old way [paper scissors rock] that's how most of the little kids problems get solved.

I think what's the time Mr Wolf is a really good game to play with children.

Sneak up Granny:

For Sneak up Granny there was 8 people playing it seemed quiet fun and there was no fights to be the Granny.

I think Sneak up Granny is a good game to play with small girls.


For Tag there was around 15 people playing and I think Tag is a really easy game to arrange and most kids like it since you have to run a lot.

I think Tag is a really fun game to play and many kids enjoy it.


we got around 20 Hula-Hoops out and a minute didn't even go pass and all the Hula-Hoops were gone as everyone probably knows no kid can resist playing with Hula-Hoops.

I think bringing out Hula-Hoops for pals is an really good idea.

I personally think that all four of these games are really easy games to arrange and everyone likes these games.

By: Zainab

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