Friday, 27 March 2015

Peer mediation excellence

On Tuesday I helped my friend Alicia do peer mediation because her group didn't
turn up. That day me and Alicia didn't get any problems,so that was good
and one of the best peer mediation day I have had because 98% of people didn't
have a problem.

Peer mediation. excellence

On Tuesday this week I had peer mediation with Makayla and Sophie.
There was only one little problem, that was:

Some little kids had misheard what her friend said and thought she was talking about her behind her back when actually she was just telling another girl,who her friends were and who was playing tag with her.

.we solved it by asking everyone who was in the problem what they know
and then asked everyone to think of a solution and they came up with before telling
a teacher or peer mediator what happened first talk together and try solving out the problem and if you can't solve it then come to a peer mediator or teacher.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Reflect on my goals

Improve in my learning (maths)

I think I am doing well with my learning
and I am getting better.

I think i am working with other people very well.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Ordering numbers and place values

This is my prove it.

I think I know my place values and ordering decimal numbers very well.

Thursday, 19 March 2015


on Monday this week I helped kids find friends and they played tag it looked very fun but totally different to normal tag but at least they had fun.
I had great fun watching them play tag

Every now and then when i see them they are

always playing together.

Peer mediation.

this week on monday I wasn't on peer mediation but a little girl asked me to help her find her friends
So I did  she was very happy and I felt very good about helping someone find her friends.

                                  This is how happy she looked that day.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Peer mediation

For peer mediation Alicia, Lauren and I solved a very small problem. The problem was that some kids didn't want to play together for the whole lunchtime, so what we told them to do was to play together for the first half of  lunchtime on the courts. Then they decided to play on the playground by themselves for the second half of lunchtime.
I felt very happy when I saw them playing together which is why I like being a peer mediator. Also if you are a peer mediator you would get to know and meet a range of age groups and make friends with some of them.

my writing goal

walt:To focus on my main ideas in my work.

For example.
"August go get the mail"mum said.

'fine' I say mumbling.I walk to the mailbox get the stinky
russelt mail out of the old mailbox and ran back inside

"What happened" Via ran down stairs and asked 
in a creepy voice.

'Everyone is laughing and starring at me.'

What! mum yells feeling like she can hold an new fashioned car.