Wednesday, 24 February 2016

peer mediation - merit 2016 1

Today I had peer mediation with Emma I normally do peer mediation on Tuesdays with Candice but I had to swap with  Sasha for a day, for peer mediation what we do is help kids solve problems and walk around most of the school.

If someone says there is a problem you first call all the people involved and ask them if they want to solve the problem if they agree then you need to go through the process I put a video below of another school doing Peer Mediation.Today we had no problems so we just roamed around the junior area and the senior area we basically did a lap or two around the school one of the area's where most of the problems are a always places that are popular for instance the sandpit and the field.

I showed active thinking by actually going around the school and going to the most popular area's where there's normally all the problems I even showed active thinking by turning up to Peer Mediation.

Here is a link to the video of peer mediation.

Here is four of Oakland schools old peer mediators 
and that's how our vests look like.

Technology at Lincoln - Merit 2016

On Tuesday the year 7/8 go to Lincoln for technology , We have to get to school early at around about 8:20 to 8:30 our teacher do the role and notices before we leave , then we go out and line up outside the office and hall.we all walk to the bus and get on we have a bus 1 and bus  I'm on bus 1.In the bus our teachers expectation for us are only talking at a whisper voice to the person next to you no one else , If I had to rate myself out of 10 I would rate myself a 10 or a 9 and a half because I didn't talk much and if  I did it was a very low whisper I would rate myself the same in the way back but over all the bus was little louder then the morning.


there's 5 subjects going to be 6 our subjects are hard materials , cooking , design , sewing and science , the sixth subject is going to be learning mandarin. I'm in hard materials everyone gets to do all subjects but at different times. In hard materials we get to choose out of making a clock , table stool or tray I'm making a table stool so far we have done the planning , Mr Bowers cut the wood for us and we started sanding our wood I just started sanding 5 , 10 minutes before we left so I haven't done a lot , at Lincoln we played on the playground at morning tea but normally at Oakland's my friends and I play Netball and Basketball.

This is people on the bus

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Library- merit 1

Today Alicia and I went to the library to get some books that we could read to the little juniors.
I choose 3 books and Alicia choose 10. I knew that Alicia wouldn't be able to carry 10 books and a bean bag to the junior area so I told her to choose her best 5 she choose 2 Barbie books and 3 random other books.I choose the famous junior books for example: I spy books and Barbie books. After a few minutes Alicia and we took a bean bag each and walked down sensibly to the junior area it hadn't even been 2 minutes and there was 20 kids , so we told them to choose what books they wanted to listen to and it was basically a even spilt of ten with Alicia and ten with me. 5 minutes before the bell rang we took our books and bean bags back and placed them in the right spot in the library.

I think I showed respect by listening to the kids when they were talking about their own experience related to the book and I even treated  Oaklands school's equipments like bean bags and the books with respect.

By: Zainab