Thursday, 31 March 2016

My PE striking and fielding reflection.

WALT: Apply Striking and Fielding activities in a range of sports and activities.

My Strengths 
My strengths are fielding especially catching the ball because I'm good at doing the cup at the right time.

The striking strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played we
were keep my eyes on the ball and stand side on and Firm and correct grip on whatever you are batting with. Stronger hand lower down on bat.

The throwing and catching strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were Keep your eye on the ball. Watch the ball all the way into your hands. Watch the ball all the way to its target.Cup your hands or reverse cup as early as possible and Soft hands for catching.

My Next Steps:My next steps are hitting the ball I need to hit the ball in the right direction not out of the boundaries and hit the ball hard.

To improve my striking of a ball I need to have better stance and Play through the shot follow through because It will improve my striking.

To Improve my catching and fielding I need to Step forward with opposite foot to arm that you are throwing with. Stand side on. Rotate shoulders. Follow through because It would make my aim better and improve my trowing.

The game that I enjoyed the most was rounders because I think it improved my striking and fielding the best.

mean,median,mode and range prove it.

Example: 5 4 8 2 1
1)Add up all the numbers.
2)now count up all the numbers there are.
there is 5 numbers.
3)divide 20 by 5 and that's your answer.
20 divided by 5 =4

Example: 9 7 2 6 4 
1)order the row of numbers from smallest to largest.
2 4 6 7 9
2)the number in the middle of all the numbers in the answer.
2 4 6 7 9

Example: 2 11 4 31 11
1)the number that is the most repeated in the row of numbers is the answer.
2 11 4 31 11

Example 2 4 7 10 31
1)first you look for the smallest number and then the largest.
2 4 7 10 31
2) you now minus 2 out of 31 and that's your answer.

By: Zainab

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Monday, 21 March 2016

Zainab's L4 Author's Purpose follow up activity

Zainab's L4 Author's Purpose follow up activity

Heres link to my work sheet:

we were learning to compare persuasive,informative and entertaining books.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

getting invovled merit 2016

Today I got involved by playing ball games with Alicia and played mirror mirror with a new year 6 girl called Katelyn. We played with her for a while and found her some friends to play with.
Alicia and I played basketball for a while, after that we went in the library and read some books I read 2 basketball books and got a book out.Getting involved  every break time is really fun.
here are some ways you can get involved:

  • play any sport.
  • do passes.
  • go to the library.
  • choir.
  • if your a senior turn up to your duties and hep others do their duties.
  • play on the playground.
  • go to room 8 to do some mathletics or IXL if it's on.
  • get involved in a pals game.
  • kapa haka.

Image of The senior kapa haka group practising at Oaklands Primary School. 29-05-15 11.02 a.m.

library - merit 3

Today instead of me reading to little children I'm actually going to start working in the library and do the inside work like scanning books , returning books and putting books away.It might sound easy but it isn't sometimes there is many impatient children and many patient children. From Today I'm going to be working in the library every Friday with Sophie. Today there wasn't much people but it was really loud comparing to public libraries. Sophie and I did a lot of work and now I know how Mrs Ward feels like eveyday I'ts really hard to quiet down the place and remember people's names also remember how to spell them. I thought I was a pretty good speller until today. Being a librarian is really hard and sometimes puts you in the spot when you don't know something for example : I wasn't so sure how the reserving process works so I had to figure out something so wrote it on the paper so I could show Mrs Ward so she could reserve the book for a child.

I think I showed Active Thinking when I didn't know what to do so I figured something out like writing it on a piece of paper so when Mrs Ward is free she could help me with it.

By: Zainab

homework challenge-care message.

This is my care message slide.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

I can gather, evaluate, and synthesise information across a small range of texts-reading prove it.

Isabella and Zainab's I can gather,evaluate and synthesis information across a small range of texts.


We were learning how to gather information about the flag and to know what category the information we gathered go into.I think we went really good because we gathered information really quickly and finished our work at quickly without getting distracted. 

peer mediation merit 2016 3

This Tuesday Candice and I did peer mediation we got no problems. We just roamed around the school like duty teachers we try to give our attention a little bit more to the juniors because they have more problems because their getting use to each other more and even because their problems seem big to them but maybe not so big to us.


I think personally that I'm pretty good at peer mediation , kids aren't scared to come and talk to me and I always turn up to duty at time or sometimes early. This Tuesday I did peer mediation for the whole of lunch time because I had to fill in for Tatiana.
Doing peer mediation is really fun and I felt like a great role model and leader to other students.
By: Zainab

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Being a role model to kakapo students- merit

Today I was being a role model to junior students by helping them even though I wasn't in Peer Mediation and motivating them. I basically had a normal lunch time but just showing extra leadership around the school.I was a role model where ever I went for instance I was playing on the field for about half of lunch and playing on the netball courts for second half of lunch.

 Today I was showing my care values for example: I showed active thinking by not playing tag games on the out of bounds area and not playing any game around the junior area so they don't get hurt. I even showed respect by respecting that others differences for instance I didn't laugh if I saw a junior student playing running games and one student came last because they didn't enjoy running as much. I think I was a role model to junior student s by getting involved and when they see us seniors running around playing games they might run around with their friends and motivate others too.

By: Zainab

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

peer mediation merit 2016 2

Every Tuesday Candice and I do Peer mediation . This Tuesday we had a lot of people come to us  with a problem but we had to call the teacher because  two  of the problems had violence in it so we couldn't solve it, but one of the problems we did solve was a little girl was not being honest with us but because of evidence we finally got to the end of the problem we solved it by the little girl  playing in a different place to the others and we told her to not do it again , She apologized and we went off to another area of our school.

Yesterday we showed resilient by coping with little kids even though they broke the rules many times we still got to the end of it.
By: Zainab

Library - merit 2

Today Alicia and I read to the little kids we did the same process and got books out but different ones it was pretty weird to see that there was only one boy wanting to come and hear the story and the rest of the kids were girls. This time there was less people wanting to listen to books read, I think it might be because it was a nice day for a run around not really for sitting down. Alicia had 3 children listening to her Barbie books and I had 5 children listening to I spy books they all participated and had turns in finding the object, I think they all were really smart they found objects before I found them I think we had a great day.

I think I showed community by participating in the I spy book and being a great member of Oakland's school community by letting  children around me have equal turns in finding the objects.

By: Zainab

Monday, 7 March 2016

What I have been learning about leadership

W.A.L.T Describe the traits of an affective leader.

The six traits.

Being honest , fair and having a strong moral.

Being someone who people can relied on and someone who they can trust.

be curious and question things.

Never giving up and trying your best.

Aim high for a goal and try your best to achieve it.

I have been learning about different leaders EG: Nancy Wake who worked as a British Special Operations  agent during the later part of World War II. She was a leader because she risked her life to get radio codes by going on a 71 hour bike ride , she also put her life at risk by putting the Jews in safe houses. Here is an E.G of a describe map that I did by myself on Paul Whatuira.
I am currently at Multi structural  because can describe the traits of an effective leader and gather ideas.

Friday, 4 March 2016

teaching junior games

Today Grace H and I went down to the juniors with the rest of the year eights.
We got 4 little kids in each groups and played tricky tag and duck duck goose.
The little kids looked very excited and had a lot of energy.
After around 10 minutes Mr McAven  blew the whistle and we all came back outside the music room
and the teachers gave us another pair of 4 little kids to play tricky tag and duck duck goose with.
Personally I think the little kids enjoyed tricky tag more because it was a little bit more new to them.

1 group we had were:
Ava , Alex , Ann , Jake

2 group we had were:
Ava ,  Saarah , Connor , Tie

here are some photo's
By: Zainab

Thursday, 3 March 2016

leadership year 8 food forest and juniors being a role model to junior students merit badge

While the year 7's were at camp the year 8's worked in the food forest ,with juniors and in their garden.

what we did:
We used some tools like wheelbarrow,plant cutters and our hands to pull out the weeds from the gardens.
We even pulled out the sweet corns because they were ready and a lot of deadly shaded berries, I think this was a great experience for me and it was really fun helping our environment.

We did this so our environment stays clean and healthy and we helped the juniors since they can't do it because they are to little.

We did this in the food forest today and yesterday and we even did weeding in the junior garden.

How I felt:
I felt pretty good after seeing how much we all did by collaborating together to get the work done, even though we haven't finished I still think we did really good.

We helped out with the junior students by going in their class and helping them in their learning and helping their teachers handle the little kids.

By : Zainab