Tuesday, 8 September 2015

ipods monitor distinction

Everyday me, Abi , Lauren and Alicia do iPods.
How we do them is:

1.we check what class books them and what time they need the iPods till.
2.we write the classes on a post it note eg. pod rua room 6  9:00-11:00 room 21 11:00-3:00
3.we unplug all the iPods and put them in their own containers.
4.we take the iPods to the class that books them.
1.we get the iPods from the class that had them [the class that booked them at 11:00-3:00 or whole day they get it from the first class]

2.we plug the iPods back in the right place [pod Toru pod Rua or pod Wha] then let them charge over night.

by: Zainab

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