Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Peer mediation distinction

Every Friday Isla , Alyssa and I did peer mediation we had a small problem it was that a little kid was running away from his friend and his friend didn't like it at all so he came to us we just called both of the boys over and asked what happened and then after they both heard both sides they said sorry because they both were being mean to others, they both thought on not being mean giving each other another chance and if it doesn't work out then the would play another game or play with different people.

Being a peer mediator helps kids solve there problems and makes kids not do the wrong thing and children know that their might be a peer mediator around so the won't go out of bounds.

By: Zainab 

Peer mediation distinction

Me and my friends were playing a game and some little kids asked us to help her since she couldn't find the peer mediators so we helped her.
Her problem was her friends ran away from her, we heard both of the sides, the friends that ran away and her we realized that it was just a misunderstanding they didn't run away they were playing tag and she was in but she wasn't paying attention so we asked them all to think of how to solve the problem one of the kids thought of explaining the rules again and double checking who is in.

Even though I wasn't a peer mediator that day kids still came to me with there problems.
So that means I was a role model to kids and kids still remember the peer mediators and go to any senior and trust them.

By: Zainab 

Being a role model to kakanou students distinction

I was being a role model to kakanau students by not going in the bushes and out of bound places and telling some children politely not to go to the out of bound places.
I was being a role model to kakanau students by being respectful to everyone and showing all of the care values. I was helping clean our school envoiroment by picking up rubbish and not littering and a few minutes later I saw around 5 kids picking up rubbish too.

I think you should always be a role model to all kakanau and kauri students so when they get a little older they would be a role model for the other students and that would make Oakland's school a role model to other schools.

Getting involved distinction

Everyday at school I'm some how getting  involved like today I did some shoots ,played on the playground and spent a little time with one of the small buddies I think it was last week I got involved by supporting kowhai in capture the flag  I even played but unfortunately kowhai got second but that isn't too bad Rata just bet us by one flag.

Yesterday I got involved by playing basketball and by doing sprints races with my friends I came second and third sometimes.

I think everyone should get involved because you won't be bored and you would stay fit.

iPods distinction

Everyday Abi,Lauren,Alicia and I do the iPods.
Being and iPod monitor means a heap of responsibility and means being a leader and helping the school out by doing one of their jobs and making our teachers morning a little easier.

Responsibility of iPods

 Remembering what class to get the iPods from.
 Remembering to do the iPods on time.
 Plugging and unplugging the iPods respectfully.

So these are a few responsibility of doing the iPods.

I really enjoy being an iPod monitor because it's fun and helps me be more concede that with teachers and children.

By: Zainab  

iPods distinction

Everyday me and the other iPod monitors do the iPods .

First we check what class is booked for today and what time it's booked till.
Second we have to write it on a post its note eg. Pod Rua room 23 whole day 10 iPods. Another example. Pod Toru room 21 9-11:30 11:30- 3:00 room 13 10 iPods.
Third we take the iPods out , there is 3 pods so how many is booked that's how many pods we unplugged out and we put them in their right containers.
Fourth we take them to the classes that books them in the mornings before 9:00 and around 2:45 we get the iPods from the class that books them.
Last we plug them back in and then we are done.

Peer mediation distinction

Every Friday Alyssa , Isla and I do peer mediation in other words helping kids calm down and solve problems we don't actually tell them exactly how to solve their problem we just hear what the problem is and then ask them to think about how to solve it.

Last Friday there was no problems so Alyssa , Isla and I were walking around the field and telling kids to not play in the out of bonds area that is behind the senior playground and the bushes.

I think having peer mediators helps our school and teachers a lot.
Being a peer mediator means being a role model to children around the school and being a great leader by helping children solve there problems.

Here are some peer mediators at our school.

By: Zainab 

Pals distinction

Every second Tuesday Samara and I do P.A.L that means physical ,activities ,leaders we have to set up a game for the kauri or kakanou students this week we did it for the kakanou first we set up a game of tag and then a mini game of Octopus at the same time and did rotations of each game I was responsible for octopus and Samara was for tag.

I think having P.A.L.S helps kids enjoy lunch time , and help little or older kids find friends.

Here's kids who are friends if you want friends then go and join a P.A.L.S game you would find many friends.


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Pals distinction

On Tuesday Samara and I did pals for pals we played capture the flag it was only for kauri.
Capture the flag was very challenging and intense for the bib team since they had one flag left 
and didn't want to lose but unfortunately the nonbib team won.

 I personally think for a kauri pals game capture the flag would be an amazing game to play because all kids get into it. I think any game would be just as good as capture the flag if everyone is playing fair.

Here's some other kids playing capture the flag!


Librarian distinction

Every second Wednesday Rebecca K and I are on desk in the library since this week wasn't our turn I decided to help other groups and fill in for people who forgot to come. I think being a librarian is a big responsibility you need to help people find nice books and always be kind. Being a librarian even means keeping the library clean by politely telling the kids who made a mess to tidy up after themselves , putting books away and getting books out for kids.

Here is some Oakland's students reading books!