Thursday, 30 April 2015

Helping around the school excellence

This week  in the library I filled in for another group because they didn't come I even helped Mrs Ward with the books it was a busy day in the library it was filled with people and work.
It was great in the library it wasn't to noisy and it was quiet and warm as always I really enjoy working in the library
because it is filled with books so you never get bored and when it is a busy day there is always a lot to do that is what I really like because I really enjoy working.

Pals excellence

Last week I helped Alicia do pals because her group didn't come.
For pals we did races all the kids enjoyed it especially Laila she is crazy about running.

Pals is the best activities to do because I get to spend time with little kids 
and not just that even because heaps of kids make friends in the activities.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Peer mediation excellence

On Tuesday me Makayla, Alicia and Samantha D did peer mediation.
For peer mediation we solved one probalem that was:

A kid was throwing rocks at another child.

We solved it out by:

First hearing each side of the probalem
Second we asked Mr Forman to help us solve the probalem because we aren't aloud to solve probalems like this one.

Mr Forman just made both kids apologies to each other.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

my leadership goal for this term.

My leadership goal for this term is:

getting my merit badge
being a great rolemodel around the school
turning up for peer mediation,pals,librarian and choir.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pals excellence

Some days ago this week I did pals.
 I played line tag with some children it seemed quite fun
all of the children were very into it even the children who don't really like 
running or sports but it was kind of hard to settle the game myself
because my group forgot to come and my friends had peer mediation or something else on but I still think it was a great experience with little children.

                                  Pals is the best!!!!!

Pals excellence

Today me, Lauren, Alicia did pals with little kakanau children
me and Alicia were managing  the game what's the time Mr wolf and octopus 
while Lauren was playing duck duck goose with the other half of the
children. It was very fun and a great experience with little children

I personally think being a pal is very fun and is probably one of
the best leadership activity to do.
Now I think I am confident and ready to be an amazing pal.

self asses on matrix art.

I think i got relational because i did my backround nearly the same as Vincent Van Gogh.
I think i used an variety of different elements but i didn't do them very well on my face.