Thursday, 30 July 2015

maths prove it for grid.

This is my maths prove it I have achived a medal in ixl.
WALT: Specify location using bearing or grid reference.
I think I am at extended abstract because I can teach others 
how to do the grid and I can help others to do this.

The answer for this is:where the green dot is.
how I got the answer was:
First I found the number 2 on the X line.
Second I looked for -4 on the Y line in the same box.
last I found where it goes so thats where the green dot is.
Thats how I got my answer.

My next steps is to do an algebra test.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

pals excellence


For pals on Tuesday I arranged a game myself because two members of my group were busy and I couldn't find the other two. I arranged the game elastic there were a lot of people who came it was very challenging for me to take responsibility of the game myself but I think it went fine. I set up more then one game they were:

  • The normal elastic game
  • 3 footed race
  • made up games.
I think doing pals games really effects our school by letting kids that have no friends play games with others and give them a better chance of finding friends I think people without friends should get to have fun as well as other people with friends.

by: Zainab Mann

Sunday, 26 July 2015

peer mediation excellence

Every Friday me, Alyssa and Isla do peer mediation on the field, we hardly ever get problems but that's actually really good because that means most of the school is problem free.
Being a peer mediator means a lot to me I feel like a teacher on duty who can help solve problems.
I think having peer mediators in our school helps a lot. that even mean there are not many teachers on duty and they can have a break, I even think having peer mediators means children can share there problems with them because there are a range of different type of people in our school some like sharing problems with teachers and some like sharing problems with seniors.

This is why I really like being a peer mediator.

librarian distinction

On Wednesday I  was on library with Rebecca , Riley and Jack P.
Me and Rebecca were on desk , we had a lot to do because heaps of
people got books out and returned a lot so we had a really busy day.

On Thursday I helped in the library since the librarian didn't come.
On Thursday it wasn't as busy as Wednesday but I had quiet fun
 scanning and stamping the books. On Thursday I didn't just help
 in the library I even helped Alicia's pals group so I had a really busy day.

By: Zainab

Thursday, 23 July 2015

3D shapes,what's a regular and irregular polygon

This is my maths prove it I did with Lauren it was for doing 3D shapes,what's a regular and irregular polygon , what shape is this? and faces, vertices and edges. I think I got up to extended abstract because I can tech others what these are and how to do them. On IXL I got 100% on all of these activities.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Term 3 goals reflection

My goal for this year:
  • Improve in my learning mainly maths
  • Work with different type of people
I am improving in my maths a lot because I  have achieved 2 or 3 maths goals.
I am working with a lot of new people this year,instead of only my friends. 
My next step is to pass my 3 d and  2 d shapes in my maths.

By Zainab 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Thursday, 2 July 2015

helping around the school excellence

this week and other weeks I helped out in the library because the librarians for that day forgot to come but the head librarian
helped out in the library so I just went to the small year 7 and 8 library and cleaned the shelves, I even set the books in alphabetical order and cleaned the library because it had things on the ground. Then I went back to the big library and helped Grace the head librarian to take care of the library for example: I helped her get peoples books out I did the stamping sometimes and the scanning sometimes I, even have to check all of the shelves in case the books are in the wrong places.

librarian distinction

In the library its usually quiet but on Wednesday it was quiet loud because it was full.
I personally think the library is the best place to go usually at lunchtime because:

-it's quiet
-you would never get bored
-there is always something to do
-there is a lot of books

I love the library because there is a lot of
books and because every time I go there I
always end up reading books so that's the
best part because I love reading books.
every odd Wednesday I am a librarian in the library this time I did the stamping and another job for Mrs Ward, it was to rub pencil off a book because a little kid drew in the book luckily it was in pencil if it was in pen it wouldn't come off.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Zainab's Weather

reading prove it


W.A.L.T: identify language features in contemporary texts.

I think i am at extended abstract because i can find colloquial language, analogy and metaphors  in any text.

Making inferences Term 1 goal

Today I will be showing you how to make inferences.
First of all you need to either use background info or text clues. 
I has to make inferences for we are done. I used text clues and background info. One of my inferences were: They get treated different. This is how to make a inference. 
By Zainab