Friday, 26 June 2015

Diy art changes

Here are the changes we made: 
At My discovery today we did not like what we have we changed it. I think I am at extended abstract with or without the changes.Here are pictures 
My Art
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Alicia's art
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By Zainab 

Friday, 19 June 2015

I pods excellence

Everyday the I pods monitors unplug the I pods then write on a post it note
the pod number,class,time and how many I pods.

Then they have to go and give the I pods to the class who booked them and when it's pack up time
we have to go and get them.

Last we plug them in and let them charge over night for the next class to use.

This is how we have to do the I pods everyday it might sound a little hard or confusing but if you do it you will think it's very easy.

Librarian distinction

On Wednesday I was on for library me and Rebecca k were sorting out all the books and we had to clean the shelves because the books were in the wrong place.
Being a librarian is very fun and a big responsibility and being a librarian means being a leader to students in Oakland's School.

I really enjoy being a librarian especially because I get to work with arrange of different people and because I love going to the library because that's where all of the books are and I really enjoy reading books.

Oakland's School students in the library 

By : Zainab 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Peer mediation excellence

Today I did peer mediation with Alicia for second half of lunch.
I filled in for her group after a while Sarah and Taylor came to do peer mediation with us because Sarah is in Alicia's group the other two members didn't come.For peer mediation there was no problems all so that means around 95% of our school had no problems

I pod monitor excellence

Everyday me and the other iPod monitors do the I pods it's very fun.I think being an I pod monitor is a very responsible duty because if you forget to give and get the I pods on the right time you would probably not stay a I pod monitor for long, I think if anyone would like to be an I pod monitor they would have to be very responsible and always charge all the I pods After getting them so they are charged enough for the class who booked them to use.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tech on the bus excellence

When we were going to technology on the bus everyone were being very loud and screaming 
over each that made even worse I was sitting beside Alicia on the way there and Lauren and Alicia on the way back we didn't really talk to each other because we knew if we did the bus would get even louder so we sat quietly but when we got a little board then we started talking to each other but we could hardly hear what the other person was saying or what we were saying it was because everyone was very loud and because we were basically  whispering to each other.

If I had to give you advise on how to make the Bus 5% 
quieter is to stay quiet yourself and if your friends are talking
very loud then tell them to be a little bit more quiet and tell them
they can even talk at morning tea or lunch time.

Being a role model around the kakano team excellence

I was being a role model by picking up rubbish and when some kids saw 
me they copied me and started picking up rubbish that helped me be a good
role model and help keep the environment clean and tidy I even was a role model 
because I saw a child sitting down and doing nothing so I found a group of girls 
she could play with she seemed quiet happy and now or then when
I am doing peer mediation or pals I always see her playing with those girls

iPod excellence

Everyday me,Lauren,Alicia,Abbi and sometimes Hayley.
Being a iPod monitor is very fun one of the hardest bit of being an iPod monitor is 
if a class loses an iPod we have to go and find it and how we do that is go to the last 
class who had the iPods and ask them if they have it and then go to the class who gave it to them and check if they have it and it always ends up in a different class but I don't know how but I think being an iPod monitor is a big responsibility because if you crack the iPods when your running with them even though you aren't supposed to be running with them but if they do crack it will all be your fault so you have to be careful and safew with them. 

Monday, 8 June 2015

ipods excellences leadership.

everyday me, Lauren, Alicia, Abbi  and Hayley do the ipod in the morning and afternoon
it is very fun. How we do it is:

Alicia goes on her email and check how many pods are booked and what classes have
booked them. After she checks that me and Alicia do one pod and if Hayley is here she
does a pod her self and Lauren and Abbi would do the other one but if Hayley has something on
then Abbi and Lauren would do the pods separate.

Abbi and Lauren go together to a class to pick up the pods and me and Alicia go together
if Hayley is free and she goes to the other class, but if Hayley is doing some work or at an
quick important meeting for house captains then me and Alicia go to different classes when we get the ipods then we have to plug them into the right boxes or everything will get mixed up and we might start losing ipods. 

prove it video.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

iPod monitors excellence

Everyday me Lauren,Alicia and Abbie do the iPods.
What we do is we go on our emails and check what class 
books the iPods then we get a sticky note and write eg.pod toru 
room 23 whole day 10 iPods.

That's what we have to write but if a class books it from 9:00-
12:00 then we change it to this:

Pod toru room23 9:00-12:00
Room 13 12:00-3:00
10 iPods.

Librarian excellence

On Monday I helped in the library even though it wasn't my day ,I just love going to the library because it's filled with books and no one is there to disturb me when I am reading ,I like going to the library because I can help mrs ward with the books and other things and because there normally is a lot to do. I like helping people.i think the best place I learn in accept for my class is in the library because when I am In there I think of very good stories and feel like learning.

I think everyone likes or should like the library because there's a lot to learn there,it's warm and comfy and you would never feel bored.