Tuesday, 8 September 2015

peer mediation distinction

On Tuesday me and  Alyssa did peer mediation Isla our third members had her auditions so she couldn't come.

On Tuesday there was only one problem it was that someone got hurt while playing soccer and the reef said that there was no penalty kick but that person thought it was unfair so he came to us.Well the first thing was that me and Alyssa weren't to sure if the reef or the other person were right so we heard both sides and asked for ways to sort out the problem the people playing soccer with him said that there should be no penalty since they all decided on who's the  reef and the reef chooses.So they chose no penalty and the guy who got hurt said ok and they all carried on the game.

overall being a peer mediator helps everyone solve there problems and makes the peer mediators a better leader and roll model.

by Zainab

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