Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tech on the bus excellence

When we were going to technology on the bus everyone were being very loud and screaming 
over each that made even worse I was sitting beside Alicia on the way there and Lauren and Alicia on the way back we didn't really talk to each other because we knew if we did the bus would get even louder so we sat quietly but when we got a little board then we started talking to each other but we could hardly hear what the other person was saying or what we were saying it was because everyone was very loud and because we were basically  whispering to each other.

If I had to give you advise on how to make the Bus 5% 
quieter is to stay quiet yourself and if your friends are talking
very loud then tell them to be a little bit more quiet and tell them
they can even talk at morning tea or lunch time.

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