Thursday, 30 June 2016

Student Led Conference Reflection

Blog post title: Student Led Conference Reflection

The things I enjoyed most about my SLC were:
Sharing my AsTTle test because I improved a lot in it.
What went well and why?
Everything especially my writing because my mum enjoyed reading about the career I wrote about.
What were the challenges you faced when preparing and presenting your SLC?
Trying not to laugh and trying to be slightly louder.
What changes would you make for next time and why?
Add more information and talk more about the blog posts.

Monday, 27 June 2016

WALT: Use appropriate scales, devices, and metric units for length, area, volume and capacity, weight

Rich Assessment Task: WALT:  Use appropriate scales, devices, and metric units for length, area, volume and capacity, weight
Measuring is about making a comparison between what is being measured and a suitable measurement unit. Central to the development of measuring skills is lots of practical measuring experience. Also important is the reality that measurement is never exact.
Required Resource Materials:
  • Oranges
  • Measuring equipment including; rulers, scales, measuring jugs.
Activity: Complete the questions below:
  1. How can you measure an orange? (there will be multiple answers for this, list as many as you can think of). Think of the attributes of an orange eg juice.
You can measure an orange with:
  • Tape measure
  • Scale
  • Ruler (for the heights)
  • Measuring jug for the juice
2. Choose two of these attributes of an orange to measure and carry out the task. Write up a proposal for your investigation, including details on:
    • Attribute being measured
    • Equipment required
    • Method (step by step)
    • How will you present your results?
    • Write up your results
The two attributes we choose were the skin and the juice.

By: Zainab

Friday, 24 June 2016

Librarian merit 7

On Thursday Honor , Alicia and I did reading to juniors since it had been raining we decided not to bring out the bean bags because they might get wet.

  • Firstly Honor , Alicia and I chose 3 books each I chose a Spot book , "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" and  A barbie book. The three books I chose were read the most because all of the children really enjoyed looking and listening to the story.

  • Then we took the books out to the Junior children. I think it was the most hardest time finding children to read to because most children come because the bean bags attract them and this time we didn't bring any. Luckily we found Lauren to help us find children since most of the children like Lauren as a good buddy or friend.

  • After that we all read to about two children each. I think this was one of the best times reading to juniors because they didn't fight over books.

All in all Thursday's Librarian went fine but I think it could've been better. Our next steps are to read to more children and try to attract them more with better equipment's and books that they enjoy instead of books that we use to enjoy as a junior when we were young.

Learner quality: The learner quality I personally showed was Collaborate because I collaborated with the juniors and asked what types of books they enjoy being read too. I even showed resilient when I couldn't find any children to read to I kept on trying then asked one of my friends to help me.

By: Zainab

Friday, 17 June 2016

Librarian-Merit 6

On Thursday Honor, Alicia and I had librarian we were reading to juniors.
Reading to juniors is very exciting and interesting.

  • Firstly we all chose 4 books each but Alicia chose around ten because she loves all of the books and want the children to have a different range of books.
  • After that we carried out  two bean bags with us to the junior area.
  • Once we reached the junior area we looked for children to rad to we had about two to three children each. I was pretty hard to keep the children focused on one book instead of changing books half way.
  • Later we read to many children, a different range of books all the children loved all of the books.
  • Last we had to pack up and put all the books and bean bags away , as usual Honor and I put the bean bags away and Alicia put all the books away.

I personally feel reading to juniors is a great experience especially for people who want to have a career of being a primary school teacher. Even for other careers and if you just want to have fun and enjoy reading to juniors that's fine too.

I think I was being resilient by not giving up when I couldn't fine juniors at the start and when the juniors were fighting over what books to read. What I did was I sent a few children to Honor so she could read books to a few of them and I could read books to some of the juniors that weren't fighting over books.

By: Zainab 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Using a range of multiplicative strategies.

In Maths we have been learning to use a range of multiplicative strategies when operating with whole numbers.

The strategies we have been learning are:

- Estimate the reasonableness of large problems like 1 788 – 891. Could 497 be right?
- Use multiplication to solve addition and subtraction problems eg.
  64 – 48 = as (8 x 8) – (6 x 8) = 2 x 8= 16
- Use doubling / halving, trebling/ thirding and adjusting to solve multiplication problems,
 eg.  12 x 50 solved as 4 x 150= 600
- Use an algorithm to solve multiplication problems.

- Solve problems using simple cube numbers .

Here is a link to my Multiplicative Strategies Assessment which shows that I know why and how I use particular strategies. This doc also has screenshots to show which IXL activities I have completed as part of my learning. ( Multiplication strategy )

Friday, 10 June 2016

Peer mediation merit 5

Today I was on Peer Mediation with Nicholas on morning tea.
My Peer Mediation goal was to move around the school more 
Instead of staying around the junior area.

Firstly Nicholas and I scattered towards the Basketball court and 
the kauri Netball courts. After a few minutes we strolled to the junior area 
of the school and wondered around there was no problems. We first went
to the junior court then the area I front of the classrooms and last behind the 
classroom. Afterwards we roamed around the whole field and all the playgrounds.
Last we walked to the further senior side of the school where the hall is, by the time we 
strolled around the whole school the bell rang so we put all the Peer Mediation gear back 
( I Pad , Peer Mediation vest and the lanyard ) and were ready to learn.

Overall today we had no problems so we roamed around the school like duty teachers
it was pretty fun today and I hope all the other Peer Mediatiors around the school have a great day like me doing Peer Mediation.

Learner quality: The learner quality I think I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with my partner about if there was a problem how would we solve it and I even showed communication because I communicated with my partner even though he is not the kind of person I would normally have a conversation with.


By: Zainab

Library merit 5

On Thursday Alicia, honor and I were on librarian we had to read to junior children.
I find reading to junior children really fun because I get to learn how to work with juniors.

Firstly we chose 4 to 5 books each and gave them to Alicia to hold all of them.
Secondly honor and I brang a big bean bag each we all three strolled to the junior area of the school.
Third we invited children to come and hear stories some children were reading books to their friends.
Fourth we read to many children, Alicia read most of the Barbie and fairy books. Honor read most of the books about spot the dog and I read a different range of books.
Last we parked up 10 minutes before lunch ended and brang everything back to the library and put things back where they belong. After doing that we helped the other librarians tidy up the library just how it was before lunch.

I personally find reading to little children exciting and kind of interesting, because when I was their age I read totally different books there were no Barbie books there was only Disney princess stories they aren't to different but now days children read a range of books because they have more of a modern range of books.

Learner quality: The learner quality I think I showed was communicate because I communicated with the juniors about a range of different books and about what books they enjoy reading. I was even self aware because I helped tidy up the library and I wasn't too loud in the library.

Monday, 6 June 2016

I can use my growing wide range of academic and content-specific vocabulary to understand texts.

Name of Text: Underground Explorers 

W.A.L.T: I can use my growing wide range of academic and content-specific vocabulary to understand texts.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.46 am.png
Void: an empty space or vacuum.

Fluorescent: able to give off visible light after being exposed to a source of heat, light, or other form of energy

Vulnerable: able to be hurt or injured

Interconnected: to connect or cause to be connected one to the other or others.

Seldom: not often; rarely.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.46 am.png
Example/Non Example
Is a void messy? Why or why not?
No because it’s an empty area so there should be no mess.
Which color is the most fluorescent at night? Why?
Neon colours  Road signs eg. Yellow because you can easily see them in the dark.
Why are elderly people more vulnerable than children? Why?
Because  they are not in a stable or strong position because they are older than us and we have more energy.
Which is more interconnected; a vine or a dandelion? Why?
Vine’s are connected to plants so that’s why it’s interconnected.
Which is more seldom; the Olympics or an election in NZ? Why?
Olympics because elections  happen every three years and olympics  happen every four years.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.50 am.png
Word Associations
The plants in the garden are die during a frost
There were lots of different paths that joined each other
I made a shot from halfway while facing backwards.
We are still exploring  outer space.
I can find my key ring easily in the dark.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.50 am.png
Word Relationships

How might each pair of words be connected?
Vulnerable is easier to get hurt and fluorescent is a dark place so they have a chance to get hurt or injured.
They are similar because void has a lot of space and interconnected is connected to something.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.50 am.png
Extended Writing
Think of a time when you felt as though you were in a void or when you saw something that happens seldom. Write a paragraph about this.
Getting a shot in from out of the semicircle for netball. That was rare well for me I hardly ever get shots in for netball especially out of the semicircle.

By: Zainab