Thursday, 27 August 2015

ipods distinction

Every morning me , Alicia , Abi and Lauren do the iPods.
How we do the iPods everyday:

First we un plug all of the iPods and put them in the right boxes they all charge in these three boxes one is for pod toru , one for pod rua and on for pod wha that's how we know what pod each iPod is in.

Second we get post its notes and right eg. pod rua room 23 whole day 10 iPods or pod rua room 23 9:00 to 12:30 10 iPods.

we do one of them to all three pods how we know what one to do is we check the calendar and teachers would have booked the iPods .

Third we all separate and take a pod and give it to the class that has booked the iPods when there's 3 booked then normally me and Alicia go together and if there's 2 than Abi and Lauren go together.
I think there's only been one day when there was 1 pod  booked and when that happens the only me and Alicia do the iPods. At the end of the day we clollect all the iPods and plug them back in their correct boxes.

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