Friday, 29 May 2015

my discovery

this is my finished product I think I reached extended absract because I can tech others how to do
different types of D.I.Y art.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Librarian excellence

On Monday I helped in the library even though it wasn't my day ,I just love going to the library because it's filled with books and no one is there to disturb me when I am reading ,I like going to the library because I can help mrs ward with the books and other things and because there normally is a lot to do. I like helping people.i think the best place I learn in accept for my class is in the library because when I am In there I think of very good stories and feel like learning.

I think everyone likes or should like the library because there's a lot to learn there,it's warm and comfy and you would never feel bored.

Pals excellence

On Tuesday me and Sharna played rob the nest with the kakanou students for pals it was very fun we didn't get to do the pal game for the whole lunch because a boy came and started smacking kids who were playing I don't know why sows had to stop the game and call a duty teacher who made him stop fighting,me and Sharna made all the kids go and some kids had to go to the sickbay.

Well I think that the first half of lunches game went quiet well i am looking forward for the other games.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

One of my careers paragraph.

This is my high school subjects paragraphs:

On the count of this to be a General partitioner I should consider doing 
biology,chemistry,physics and health because it will be easier for me to get the job, because I would know quiet a lot about things,biology is really important because if someone gets injured I would have yo help them,so I have to know how to do that.

I have linked my paragraphs and I have  stayed on one idea, I didn't keep on changing my ideas.i have used real facts not not fake made up facts and I didn't write my opinion on all the paragraphs.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Reading skim and scan prove it.

This is the work sheet I am learning on.
Sorry this picture is the wrong way. If you look closely You can see I skimmed and scanned  

i think i am getting better in skimming and scanning


Reflecting on my 3 goals.

I have improved in my learning by practising all my maths everyday and I never gave up when I
kept on making mistakes.
I think I have improved a little bit on,working with different people,I have done that by sitting in different types of spots and different type of people are there I normally work in the collaboration hub and that means that I would most of the time be working with my friends because they are normally in the collaboration hub.

Friday, 22 May 2015

My discovery

This is is our board so far i think i am at relational because:
I can do different types of D.I.Y art but i can't tech others how to 
do it.the first art is Alicia's and the second is mine.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

librarian excellence

Today I was a librarian all my group members arrived.
I helped Mrs Ward in the library by sorting out all the classroom papers Rebecca K
helped me a little bit too.

I like being a librarian because its the most quiet place in the school at lunch time, 
and because Mrs Ward is always there, I really like working with Mrs Ward in the
library because she is a really nice teacher and is the most kindest librarian I have
 ever seen and heard about.

Being a librarian isn't just about getting people books out or returning them
its actually about taking responsibilities of the library and helping  Mrs Ward. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

my discovery

we are doing four differnt designs we are going really well and Are at multistructrul ,We have done one so far and are waiting for our other two to dry.Alicia's blog has our unistuctrul.our next steps are adding our other designs to make it look more real.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Getting involved excellence

This week I got involved in a pals game by helping some pals get
the things they need for a game everybody
who came to play a pals game all voted for dodge ball
everybody had fun playing dodge ball even me

If I would give somebody advise for a kauri pals game
i would definitely play dodge ball because
everybody loves dodge ball and heaps of people come to play dodge ball.

Ipod monitor excellence

Everyday me ,Lauren , Alicia and Abby do the iPods.
In the morning Alicia checks her email and tells me ,Abby and Lauren 
what class books the iPods and then we give the iPods to them in the morning and take it back at the end of the day so we can charge it over night for the next class

To be a iPod monitor you have to be responsible for most of the iPods eg.
If there's an iPods missing iPod last- you need to go to the class who used the
Being a iPod monitor is amazing and fun.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Leadership on the bus. excellence

Me and Alicia showed leadership on the bus by staying quiet and if we wanted to talk to each other we talked quietly we even sat three people on two seats because nobody else really wanted to sit with three people we kind of had to sit in a three because the bus was filled up with people it was very squashy this is how I showed leadership on the bus.

if I had to give anyone advise on how to get the bus to be a little bit more quiet is to be
quiet yourself.

Peer mediation excellence

On Tuesday lunch time I did peer mediation with Makayla  my other peer mediation group member didn't come so Alicia did peer mediation with us ,we didn't get any problems so it was fantastic, unfortunately that day when it was Alicia's groups time to do peer mediation nobody came so I
helped her so basicly  me and Alicia did peer mediation that whole lunch time and there was no problems at all we were happy and kind of tired.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Cats poem

Hyperbole green
personification blue
Simile pink

I've told you a million times that cats have the most cutest fluffy soft fur in the whole entire world.
They even have the most sparking eyes espeacially when they walk in the dark their eyes flash like a torch at you.
Their tails shake at you like a snake.
Their just so cute I told you,you'll never get rid of them. 
Of course they are the best in the world.....
By Zainab

Monday, 4 May 2015

My discovery part 1

This is the borad we are painting on. We are at unistructual my next steps is to finish at least
two or one squares.