Monday, 8 June 2015

ipods excellences leadership.

everyday me, Lauren, Alicia, Abbi  and Hayley do the ipod in the morning and afternoon
it is very fun. How we do it is:

Alicia goes on her email and check how many pods are booked and what classes have
booked them. After she checks that me and Alicia do one pod and if Hayley is here she
does a pod her self and Lauren and Abbi would do the other one but if Hayley has something on
then Abbi and Lauren would do the pods separate.

Abbi and Lauren go together to a class to pick up the pods and me and Alicia go together
if Hayley is free and she goes to the other class, but if Hayley is doing some work or at an
quick important meeting for house captains then me and Alicia go to different classes when we get the ipods then we have to plug them into the right boxes or everything will get mixed up and we might start losing ipods. 

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