Thursday, 3 March 2016

leadership year 8 food forest and juniors being a role model to junior students merit badge

While the year 7's were at camp the year 8's worked in the food forest ,with juniors and in their garden.

what we did:
We used some tools like wheelbarrow,plant cutters and our hands to pull out the weeds from the gardens.
We even pulled out the sweet corns because they were ready and a lot of deadly shaded berries, I think this was a great experience for me and it was really fun helping our environment.

We did this so our environment stays clean and healthy and we helped the juniors since they can't do it because they are to little.

We did this in the food forest today and yesterday and we even did weeding in the junior garden.

How I felt:
I felt pretty good after seeing how much we all did by collaborating together to get the work done, even though we haven't finished I still think we did really good.

We helped out with the junior students by going in their class and helping them in their learning and helping their teachers handle the little kids.

By : Zainab

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