Friday, 4 March 2016

teaching junior games

Today Grace H and I went down to the juniors with the rest of the year eights.
We got 4 little kids in each groups and played tricky tag and duck duck goose.
The little kids looked very excited and had a lot of energy.
After around 10 minutes Mr McAven  blew the whistle and we all came back outside the music room
and the teachers gave us another pair of 4 little kids to play tricky tag and duck duck goose with.
Personally I think the little kids enjoyed tricky tag more because it was a little bit more new to them.

1 group we had were:
Ava , Alex , Ann , Jake

2 group we had were:
Ava ,  Saarah , Connor , Tie

here are some photo's
By: Zainab

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