Thursday, 17 March 2016

library - merit 3

Today instead of me reading to little children I'm actually going to start working in the library and do the inside work like scanning books , returning books and putting books away.It might sound easy but it isn't sometimes there is many impatient children and many patient children. From Today I'm going to be working in the library every Friday with Sophie. Today there wasn't much people but it was really loud comparing to public libraries. Sophie and I did a lot of work and now I know how Mrs Ward feels like eveyday I'ts really hard to quiet down the place and remember people's names also remember how to spell them. I thought I was a pretty good speller until today. Being a librarian is really hard and sometimes puts you in the spot when you don't know something for example : I wasn't so sure how the reserving process works so I had to figure out something so wrote it on the paper so I could show Mrs Ward so she could reserve the book for a child.

I think I showed Active Thinking when I didn't know what to do so I figured something out like writing it on a piece of paper so when Mrs Ward is free she could help me with it.

By: Zainab

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