Wednesday, 24 February 2016

peer mediation - merit 2016 1

Today I had peer mediation with Emma I normally do peer mediation on Tuesdays with Candice but I had to swap with  Sasha for a day, for peer mediation what we do is help kids solve problems and walk around most of the school.

If someone says there is a problem you first call all the people involved and ask them if they want to solve the problem if they agree then you need to go through the process I put a video below of another school doing Peer Mediation.Today we had no problems so we just roamed around the junior area and the senior area we basically did a lap or two around the school one of the area's where most of the problems are a always places that are popular for instance the sandpit and the field.

I showed active thinking by actually going around the school and going to the most popular area's where there's normally all the problems I even showed active thinking by turning up to Peer Mediation.

Here is a link to the video of peer mediation.

Here is four of Oakland schools old peer mediators 
and that's how our vests look like.

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