Thursday, 10 March 2016

Being a role model to kakapo students- merit

Today I was being a role model to junior students by helping them even though I wasn't in Peer Mediation and motivating them. I basically had a normal lunch time but just showing extra leadership around the school.I was a role model where ever I went for instance I was playing on the field for about half of lunch and playing on the netball courts for second half of lunch.

 Today I was showing my care values for example: I showed active thinking by not playing tag games on the out of bounds area and not playing any game around the junior area so they don't get hurt. I even showed respect by respecting that others differences for instance I didn't laugh if I saw a junior student playing running games and one student came last because they didn't enjoy running as much. I think I was a role model to junior student s by getting involved and when they see us seniors running around playing games they might run around with their friends and motivate others too.

By: Zainab

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