Friday, 10 June 2016

Peer mediation merit 5

Today I was on Peer Mediation with Nicholas on morning tea.
My Peer Mediation goal was to move around the school more 
Instead of staying around the junior area.

Firstly Nicholas and I scattered towards the Basketball court and 
the kauri Netball courts. After a few minutes we strolled to the junior area 
of the school and wondered around there was no problems. We first went
to the junior court then the area I front of the classrooms and last behind the 
classroom. Afterwards we roamed around the whole field and all the playgrounds.
Last we walked to the further senior side of the school where the hall is, by the time we 
strolled around the whole school the bell rang so we put all the Peer Mediation gear back 
( I Pad , Peer Mediation vest and the lanyard ) and were ready to learn.

Overall today we had no problems so we roamed around the school like duty teachers
it was pretty fun today and I hope all the other Peer Mediatiors around the school have a great day like me doing Peer Mediation.

Learner quality: The learner quality I think I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with my partner about if there was a problem how would we solve it and I even showed communication because I communicated with my partner even though he is not the kind of person I would normally have a conversation with.


By: Zainab

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