Friday, 24 June 2016

Librarian merit 7

On Thursday Honor , Alicia and I did reading to juniors since it had been raining we decided not to bring out the bean bags because they might get wet.

  • Firstly Honor , Alicia and I chose 3 books each I chose a Spot book , "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" and  A barbie book. The three books I chose were read the most because all of the children really enjoyed looking and listening to the story.

  • Then we took the books out to the Junior children. I think it was the most hardest time finding children to read to because most children come because the bean bags attract them and this time we didn't bring any. Luckily we found Lauren to help us find children since most of the children like Lauren as a good buddy or friend.

  • After that we all read to about two children each. I think this was one of the best times reading to juniors because they didn't fight over books.

All in all Thursday's Librarian went fine but I think it could've been better. Our next steps are to read to more children and try to attract them more with better equipment's and books that they enjoy instead of books that we use to enjoy as a junior when we were young.

Learner quality: The learner quality I personally showed was Collaborate because I collaborated with the juniors and asked what types of books they enjoy being read too. I even showed resilient when I couldn't find any children to read to I kept on trying then asked one of my friends to help me.

By: Zainab

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