Friday, 10 June 2016

Library merit 5

On Thursday Alicia, honor and I were on librarian we had to read to junior children.
I find reading to junior children really fun because I get to learn how to work with juniors.

Firstly we chose 4 to 5 books each and gave them to Alicia to hold all of them.
Secondly honor and I brang a big bean bag each we all three strolled to the junior area of the school.
Third we invited children to come and hear stories some children were reading books to their friends.
Fourth we read to many children, Alicia read most of the Barbie and fairy books. Honor read most of the books about spot the dog and I read a different range of books.
Last we parked up 10 minutes before lunch ended and brang everything back to the library and put things back where they belong. After doing that we helped the other librarians tidy up the library just how it was before lunch.

I personally find reading to little children exciting and kind of interesting, because when I was their age I read totally different books there were no Barbie books there was only Disney princess stories they aren't to different but now days children read a range of books because they have more of a modern range of books.

Learner quality: The learner quality I think I showed was communicate because I communicated with the juniors about a range of different books and about what books they enjoy reading. I was even self aware because I helped tidy up the library and I wasn't too loud in the library.

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