Friday, 17 June 2016

Librarian-Merit 6

On Thursday Honor, Alicia and I had librarian we were reading to juniors.
Reading to juniors is very exciting and interesting.

  • Firstly we all chose 4 books each but Alicia chose around ten because she loves all of the books and want the children to have a different range of books.
  • After that we carried out  two bean bags with us to the junior area.
  • Once we reached the junior area we looked for children to rad to we had about two to three children each. I was pretty hard to keep the children focused on one book instead of changing books half way.
  • Later we read to many children, a different range of books all the children loved all of the books.
  • Last we had to pack up and put all the books and bean bags away , as usual Honor and I put the bean bags away and Alicia put all the books away.

I personally feel reading to juniors is a great experience especially for people who want to have a career of being a primary school teacher. Even for other careers and if you just want to have fun and enjoy reading to juniors that's fine too.

I think I was being resilient by not giving up when I couldn't fine juniors at the start and when the juniors were fighting over what books to read. What I did was I sent a few children to Honor so she could read books to a few of them and I could read books to some of the juniors that weren't fighting over books.

By: Zainab 

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