Friday, 8 April 2016

library- merit 4

Today I was a librarian what I did was Sophie and I returned people's books and our own we also issued books for our self's  and others. We basically went through the process of what we do In the library if your on duty. Today in the library there was a big rush of people we could hardly handle them, as a librarian we are supposed to wait for Mrs Ward to come in so we can let everyone else come in too but everyone else was so impatient  Before Sophie and I came in the library there was about twenty people already inside so we had to tell everyone to please wait outside in the cold until Mrs Ward arrives. When everyone was outside they were literally fighting to come inside but luckily Miss O'Connor  was on duty outside and saw so came to help and made everyone line up. One minute later when Mrs Ward arrives everyone rushes in, Sophie and I had a lot of work from the look of people and believe it or not we had a lot of work.

Overall I think Today was a great day with a big rush in the library but all in all it was an fantastic day and I had a lot of fun issuing peoples books and returning  them too.

I think I showed resilient because most of the people were very impatient and many people were very loud also when we were telling people that the library is closing not even one person moved and cared to go outside not even for fresh air.

By: Zainab

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