Thursday, 7 April 2016

Kauri events merit

A few weeks ago the kauri students did run bike run I was in a team with Honor who did the first run and Alicia who did the second run. I did the biking since this year was our last year of run bike run we tried our absolute best and I think that we did way better then last year we were actually close to getting 3 place. Honor named our group the little mixes. 
 How the whole day went:

So first we did the normal roll and then check if we had all our gear and then we lined up in a humongous line where I could see the start or the end of the line I suppose my class was in the
middle of the line then we all walked down to Halswell domain 40% of the student had bikes so it was pretty hard to get there and there was a gigantic traffic but luckily we had a police officsir to stop the cars and let us cross the road. After that we all reached the domain and settle down it was really hot so mr Forman quickly told us about what we all need to do and then we all sat in the shade under many trees after a good 10 minutes the year 4 's did there run bike run mean while one of the other year groups played a game that the house captains organised for them and then once the year 4's finish then it's the year 5's turn and so on till the year 8's finish theirs. At the end we do a small cermony of the individual 1, 2 and 3 winners get a medal and a applause. After that we get back into a big line and walk back to school in the same process and we had a assembly and then the 3:00 o'clock bell rings and everyone's free to go home.

By: Zainab

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