Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Library- merit 1

Today Alicia and I went to the library to get some books that we could read to the little juniors.
I choose 3 books and Alicia choose 10. I knew that Alicia wouldn't be able to carry 10 books and a bean bag to the junior area so I told her to choose her best 5 she choose 2 Barbie books and 3 random other books.I choose the famous junior books for example: I spy books and Barbie books. After a few minutes Alicia and we took a bean bag each and walked down sensibly to the junior area it hadn't even been 2 minutes and there was 20 kids , so we told them to choose what books they wanted to listen to and it was basically a even spilt of ten with Alicia and ten with me. 5 minutes before the bell rang we took our books and bean bags back and placed them in the right spot in the library.

I think I showed respect by listening to the kids when they were talking about their own experience related to the book and I even treated  Oaklands school's equipments like bean bags and the books with respect.

By: Zainab

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