Thursday, 28 July 2016

My CARE Progress

I have done a check of my CARE progress so far this year.

I am proud of my progress/ I am doing ok/ I feel I could do much better.

Give reasons for the answer that you have highlighted above.
I think I am doing good because I have already achieved my bronze and I am aiming for my silver with a great start of 20 ticks.

How far away are you from reaching your BRONZE/SILVER?
I am pretty far because I have just achieved my bronze.

The area of CARE that I need to try harder in C / A / R / E
Because I have less ticks in excellence so far , And I didn't highlighted so much I my bronze for excellence.

To achieve my BRONZE/SILVER award quicker I need to use my care values more and be a role model.

The one thing that I can do to improve my progress in CARE is use more excellence value for example, Know your learning goals and work actively to achieve them.

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