Thursday, 28 July 2016

Being a role model to junior students- Merit

Today I was being a role model to junior students at the junior cross country.
I cheered all of the students on when they were passing me. My job was being a marshal it was pretty fun. I showed all my care values. Community , Active thinking , Respect , Excellence by having a good behavior and trying to make people around me have a good behavior too.

There was a problem at the start of the cross country there was no marshal standing near the senior classes so one group of girls who were running went the wrong way so they had to redo their cross country.

I think I was being a role model  to junior students by cheering them on and showing them what direction to go.I think I showed resilient when children weren't coming first I cheered the on and told them to not give up
and when it started raining I showed resilient by not letting anyone give up because of the weather.

By: Zainab

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