Thursday, 4 August 2016

Helping out around the school - Merit

Today Alicia and I helped out in the library.
Today Mrs Ward was away and Room 17 and 19 needed 2 librarians to issue and return there books.

Alicia and I went and issued there books There was a lot of books and a lot of children , so we worked hard to get the books issued and returned. Alicia and I helped a few children find books and helped the teachers settle down the children. Alicia and I were really friendly and kind toward the children especially when some children couldn't get books out because they had too many overdue.  After room 17 was done we were about to leave, but then room 19 came so we helped them out as well. Room 19 were a bit louder when the teacher was reading a book to them so we had to quiet them down and remind a few children to use their inside voices.

The learner disposition I showed was communicate because I communicated with all the children and Teachers with respect and ask them if they needed anything. I even communicated with the children when they needed help to find books.

By: Zainab

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