Thursday, 17 April 2014

my haunted house story


"where is all that noise coming from???" said Tom i think its from Miss Trunchball's house.
Did you know that Miss Trunchball's renting her house to Mrs and Mr Wormwood, they are Matilda's parents I said to Tom.

five hours later...............

Mrs and Mr Wormwood arrive and enter Miss Trunchball's house everyone says its   


when Mrs and Mr Wormwood looked inside, there were loads of frightning BONES AND BLOOD on the GROUND. Miss Trunchball appeard from NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!
and said:

please come in!!!!!!!!!..........


'don't eat us!!!!!! we're not YOUR ENIMEES!!!!!!!!' they screamed.
Tom and Me ran to miss Trunchballs house and got a bucket of water and threw it on Miss Trunchball.
she DISAPPEARED, Mrs and Mr Wormwood smiled and said thanks alot, you saved us, everyone ran out of the house and put 158 locks on the door so it couldn't open because Miss Trunchball is a GHOST inside the house then no one has ever deared to go near the mysterious haunted house 

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